About Us


My Grandfather was a locomotive engineer on the Pennsylvania Railroad  back in the early 50’s. My parents bought me my first train set when I  was 5 years old . I started my first layout in 1975 in a out building.  In  2005 when Nancy the love of my life told me to start a hobby shop  when the local shop came up for sale. Started with several  box of  trains,and now F&N Hobbies is a full time  business. Open from 12  noon to 6 pm 7 days  per week in the center of Delaware. We would like  to serve you.

One of the big concerns today is that we’re a culture of “instant  gratification”. Model Railroading is anything but instant gratification.  You can get things up and running quickly, as we hope to show you in  these pages.

But you can also then go back and work on things some more, spend  more time. You can perfect your skills over the course of years. And as  you perfect your skills, you go back and look at the things you did in  the past and say “it was good then, but I know I can do better now”;  what was great two years ago is barely acceptable last year, and this  year it’s sub-standard.

Model railroading is an activity of constant improvement and  learning. From that, we often learn that the true gratification is not  in attaining the goal, but the journey we take to get there.